Dear Colleagues

Rhinoplasty is a surgery which changes from day to day in terms of surgery techniques and philosophy. We encounter every day a new technique or a new name for the modification of an old technique. It is obvious that these are techniques that provide different benefits in different hands even if they confuse us sometimes.

This is where we come from and face you with a meeting in a different concept about these two innovative Rhinoplasty techniques that must be found in the surgical knowledge of every colleague who is involved in Rhinoplasty.

2 surgeons will perform 2 live surgeries with their own methods in the first day of the meeting. These notes will be delivered to the moderator at the last day of the meeting who will forward questions to the 2 surgeons. Both surgeons will have video demonstrations of these techniques.

New Concepts in Modern Rhinoplasty:
Piezo Ultrasonic Rhinosculpture
Powered Precision Rhinoplasty
Closed ATraumatic Approach

That’s why we named this meeting as “All in One Rhinoplasty”. We planned a meeting in which you can find everything inside and watch popular techniques.

We’re looking forward to welcome you all between March 23-24, 2019 in Istanbul for this outstanding meeting.

With our best regards,