09:00Opening Ceremony Dr. Emre İlhan
09:10Twenty Years Of Experience in Rhinoplasty Prof. Dr. Tamer Erdem
09:30Live Surgery Closed Approach - Nasal Dorsum Preservation Rhinoplasty
Dr. Mehmet Akbaş - Moderator: Prof. Dr. Tamer Erdem
12:30Lunch Break
Conservative Approaches in Rhinoplasty
13:30Land Marks in Conservative Rhinolasty Dr. Timur Batmaz
13:40Liquid Rhinoplasty Dr. BüIent Uğurlu
13:50Microlevel Graftless Surgery Dr. Eyüp Bozkurt
14:00Conservative Rhinoplasty Without Dorsal Elevation Dr. Elad Azizli
14:10 Interactive discussion
14:30A New Technique in Nasal Skin Elevation; Tension Balancing Flap Dr. Timur Batmaz
14:40Conservation Rhinoplasty in Crooked Nose Dr. Elad Azizli
14:50Septoplasty in Microhybrid Rhinoplasty Dr. Eyüp Bozkurt
15:00Coffee Break
New concepts in dorsal surgery
Why Surgery On Dorsum if it Looks Beautiful? Dr. Eyüp Bozkurt
15:40Powered Instruments in Modern Dorsal Surgery Doç. Dr. Sercan Göde
15:50Dorsum Preservation in Open Technique Rhinoplasty. Dr. Emre İlhan
16:00Camouflaging Irregularities in Dorsal Surgery Doç. Dr. Sercan Göde
Nasal Mucosal Preservation On Dorsal Reconstruction Dr. Timur Batmaz
16:20Dorsal Conservation in Rhinoplasty “Carlos Neves “ Dr. Emre İlhan
16:40Interactive discussion
17:00Why Did I Switched To Dorsal Preservation Surgery And What Changed İn My Practice
Dr. Mehmet Akbaş
17:15Additional Procedures For a Perfect Rhinoplasty Outcome Dr. Bülent Uğurlu
18:00Closing ceremony
09:00Technical Evaluation Of Rhinoplasty in The Last Decade And Futurity Of The New Techniques Prof.Dr. Tamer Erdem
09:20Akılcı İlaç Kullanımı Dr. Cem Sefa Yavuz
09:30Live Surgery - Open Technique Rhinoplasty With Piezo Electrical Instrument - Dr. Emre İlhan - Moderator: Prof.Dr. Tamer Erdem
12:30Lunch Break
Nasal Tip Surgery
13:30Step By Step Closed Rhinoplasty Dr. Elad Azizli
13:40Nasal Tip Geometry Dr. Timur Batmaz
13:50Surgical Maneuvers For Ideal Tip Geometriy Dr. Emre İlhan
14:00Pytotic Tip Surgery; “The Joint Graft“ Doç. Dr. Sercan Göde
14:10Tip Support Mechanisms And Alternative Maneuvers To Support Dr. Timur Batmaz
14:20Controlling The Nasal Skin On Tip Definition Dr. Emre İlhan
New Concepts in Nasal Bone Shaping
14:30Piezo Ultrasonic Osteotomy Tips And Tricks For The Beginners; “Experience Of 1300 Cases“ Dr. Emre İlhan
14:40Nasal Osteotomies in Dorsal Preservation Rhinoplasty Osteotomy Dr. Bülent Uğurlu
14:50 Modern Rhinoplasty Osteotomy Techniques Dr. Emre İlhan
15:00Coffee Break
Advanced Techniques
15:30 Camouflaging Irregularities In Dorsal Surgery Dr. Emre İlhan
15:40Profiloplasty In Rhinoplasty Dr. Mehmet Akbaş
15:50 Alar Base Variations In Rhinoplasty And Management Dr. Emre İlhan
16:00 Adaptation of the Fibonacci concept to rhinoplasty in surface aesthetics Dr. Emre İlhan
16:10 Structural Techniques In Crooked Nose And Camouflaging Doç. Dr. Sercan Göde
Seconder Rhinoplasty
16:20 Endoscopic Costal Cartilage Harvesting Dr. Emre İlhan
16:30Costal Cartilage For Revision Rhinoplasty Dr. Emre İlhan
16:40 What Can Be Achived By Cosed Approach In Secondary Rhinoplasty Dr. Eyüp Bozkurt
16:50Wing Flap In Dorsum Augmentation Dr. Emre İlhan
17:00Interactive discussion
17:30 Correct Management Of Rhinoplasty Management And Patient Selection.
Moderatör Dr. Tamer Erdem Dr. Emre İlhan - Dr. Timur Batmaz - Dr. Bülent Uğurlu - Dr. İlker Yiğit - Doç. Dr. Sercan Göde - Dr. Mehmet Akbaş
18:00Closing ceremony