All in One Rhinoplasty 6 (ENG)

All in One Rhinoplasty Live Surgery
j. Carlos Neves

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All in One Rhinoplasty Live Surgery
Emre İlhan

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Dr. Emre İlhan:
Precision Rhinoplasty How and Why do I perform? The Logic and Techniques

New Concepts in Approaches
Dr. Elad Azizli:
Nasal Ligament Anatomy and How to protect them in Closed Approach
Dr. Tevfik Sözen
Ligament Preservation / Reconstruction in Open Approach
Dr. Mehmet Akbaş
Scroll Ligament and its use in Closed Approach

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Dr. Timur Batmaz
Full open approach / Advantages-Disadvantages

Dr. Sercan Göde
Rhinoplasty with or without dorsal dissection

Dr. J. Carlos Neves
Managing soft tissues and ligaments

Dr. Bülent Uğurlu
Ideal Tip Surgery for Thick Skin Patients
Medical Aesthetic procedures that completes Rhinoplasty

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Crooked /Deviated Nose and Caudal Septal Problems

Dr. J .C Neves: Deviated noses, preserve or rebuild?

Dr. E. İlhan: Caudal Septal deviations and the proper approaches

Dr. A. Kuzanov: Different tricks to fix nasal tip on deviated septum

Dr. C. Cabbarzade: Partial disarticulation of keystone area for correcting a deviated nose

Dr. E. Azizli: Managing the crooked nose with Dorsal Preservation techniques

Dr. İ. Yiğit: Crooked nose correction with Structural Approach

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Preservation Rhinoplasty Re-visited

High and Low Septal Strip in Preservation Rhinoplasty. Dr.E.Azizlli

My steps in lowering the dorsum in Preservation Rhinoplasty Dr. M. Songu

Osteotomies in Preservation Rhinoplasty Dr. J. C.Neves

An algorithm for deciding hump reduction in dynamics of dorsal preservation Dr. C. Cabbarzade

Why did I left doing Dorsal Preservation in all cases? The drawbacks.. Dr. S. Göde

The tipplasty tips in Preservation Rhinoplasty Dr.M Songu

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The Bony and Cartilaginous Framework (Structure- Precision-Preservation)

My techniques for managing the dorsum Dr. A. Kuzanov

Setting up the dorsal and sidewall aesthetics with Precision Rhinoplasty Dr. E. İlhan

Spreader Grafts vs Flaps ; Friends or Foes ? Dr. S. Göde

Mucoperichondrial spreader flap application for middle vault reconstruction Dr. C. Cabbarzade

Osteotomies in Crooked and Wide Dorsum H.Balıkçı

Preservation Rhinoplasty Principles in Secondary Cases Dr.M.Akbaş

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Dr. J. Carlos Neves
Keynote Lecture: Preservation Rhinoplasty, avoiding drawbacks

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