5 JUNE 2021 - DAY 1
08:30Welcome Remarks / Introducing the Honorary Guests Dr.Emre İlhan / Dr.Süreyya Şeneldir / Dr. A. Göksel
09:00MasterClass: The Ten Commandments to young Padowan Dr. S. Şeneldir
09:30MasterClass: A New concept Structure+Preservation Dr. A. Göksel
10:00Live Surgery Dr.Jose Carlos Neves / Portugal (Moderators: E.İlhan / S.Göde)
Primary Rhinoplasty with Tetris Preservation Concept (Moderator in O.R T.Sözen)

13:30Keynote: Precision Rhinoplasty How and Why do I perform? The Logic and Techniques Dr.E.İlhan
14:00New Concepts in Approaches (Moderator: Dr.E.İlhan - Dr. M. Akbaş) (8 min each)
Nasal Ligament Anatomy and How to protect them in Closed Approach Dr. E. Azizli
Ligament Preservation / Reconstruction in Open Approach Dr. T. Sözen
Scroll Ligament and its use in Closed Approach Dr. M. Akbaş
Full open approach / Advantages-Disadvantages Dr. T. Batmaz
Rhinoplasty with or without dorsal dissection Dr. S. Göde
Managing soft tissues and ligaments Dr. J. C. Neves
15:00The Bony and Cartilaginous Framework (Structure- Precision-Preservation) (8min each) Moderators: Dr.M.Songu- Dr.İ.Yiğit
My techniques for managing the dorsum Dr. A. Kuzanov
Setting up the dorsal and sidewall aesthetics with Precision Rhinoplasty Dr. E. İlhan
Spreader Grafts vs Flaps ; Friends or Foes ? Dr. S. Göde
Mucoperichondrial spreader flap application for middle vault reconstruction Dr. C. Cabbarzade
Osteotomies in Crooked and Wide Dorsum H.Balıkçı
Preservation Rhinoplasty Principles in Secondary Cases Dr.M.Akbaş
16:00Preservation Rhinoplasty Re-visited (8min each) Moderators: Dr.C.Cabbarzade- Dr.T.Sözen
High and Low Septal Strip in Preservation Rhinoplasty. Dr.E.Azizlli
My steps in lowering the dorsum in Preservation Rhinoplasty Dr. M. Songu
Osteotomies in Preservation Rhinoplasty Dr. J. C.Neves
An algorithm for deciding hump reduction in dynamics of dorsal preservation Dr. C. Cabbarzade
Why did I left doing Dorsal Preservation in all cases? The drawbacks.. Dr. S. Göde
The tipplasty tips in Preservation Rhinoplasty Dr.M Songu
17:00Crooked /Deviated Nose and Caudal Septal Problems (8min each) Moderators: Dr.H.Balıkçı - Dr.E.İlhan
Deviated noses, preserve or rebuild? Dr.J.C Neves
Caudal Septal deviations and the proper approaches Dr. E. İlhan
Different tricks to fix nasal tip on deviated septum Dr. A. Kuzanov
Partial disarticulation of keystone area for correcting a deviated nose Dr. C. Cabbarzade
Managing the crooked nose with Dorsal Preservation techniques Dr. E. Azizli
Crooked nose correction with Structural Approach Dr. İ. Yiğit
Keynotes (Moderators: S. Gode- T. Sozen)
18:00 Keynote Lecture : The segmental preservation rhinoplasty, the Tetris concept Dr. J. C.Neves
18:20Keynote Lecture : Preservation Rhinoplasty, avoiding drawbacks Dr. J. C. Neves
18:45 END OF DAY 1
6 JUNE 2021 - DAY 2
08:30 MasteClass: My Rhinoplasty evolution and lessons I’ve learnt Dr. A. Göksel
09:30MasterClass: 25 years of experience in my tip-pasty technique: VAR Works Dr. S. Şeneldir
10:00 Live Surgery : Dr.E.İlhan Turkey (Moderators: Dr. M. Songu / Dr.T.Sozen )
Open Precision Rhinoplasty (Moderator in O.R: Dr.İ.Yiğit)
13:30 The Excellence in Tip Surgery Moderators: S. Göde- S.Turan (8 mins each)
Lateral crus caudocephalic rotation suture (CC suture) Dr. C. Cabbarzade
A Vectorial approach to Tipplasty for more natural results Dr. S. Göde
Reinforcing of Weak lower lateral crura our point of view Dr. A. Kuzanov
Techniques that creates the ideal 3D position of Lateral Crura. Dr. İ. Yiğit
Sutures,Grafts that creates the natural and attractive tip Dr. H. Balıkçı
14:30Tip Definition and Tip Support Moderators: Dr.B.Ugurlu- Dr.E.Azizli ( 8 mins each)
How i use tongue-in groove technique Dr. A. Kuzanov
ANSA Banner in creating the elastic tip support Dr. J. C.Neves
Dynamics of the tip support Dr.S.Turan
Classification of The Nose in Preservation Rhinoplasty Dr. M. Akbaş
Camouflaging Maneuvers for Thin Skin Rhinoplasty Dr. S. Göde
Ideal Tip Surgery for Thick Skin Patients Dr. B Ugurlu
15:30 Keynote: Reshaping the tip with the Precision Philosophy ‘Sequential Steps of Precision Tipplasty’ Dr. E. İlhan
15:50 Keynote: Controlling Lateral Crura Dr. J. C. Neves
16:10Keynote:Are we perfect in all cases of primary rhinoplasty? Correcting own mistakes Dr. A. Kuzanov
16:30Secondary Rhinoplasty Moderator: Dr.E. Azizli - Dr.H.Balıkçı ( 8 mins each )
Revision rhinoplasty, rebuilding the cartilaginous framework Dr. J. C. Neves
How to avoid secondary rhinoplasty Dr. A. Kuzanov
Endoscopic Harvesting and the use of Costal Cartilage in Secondary Rhinoplasties Dr. E. İlhan
Premaxillary Augmentation with Costal Cartilage. Dr. T. Sözen
My techniques for severe Revisional Cases Dr. H. Balıkçı
Management of the tight soft tissue envelope in secondary rhinoplasties Dr. E. İlhan

17:30Rhinoplasty and More... Moderators: E. İlhan - Dr.B.Ugurlu (6 mins each )
Problems with thick skin and how we manage them Dr. A. Kuzanov
Profile alignment From Skin to Bone; fat transfer And Rhinoplasty Dr. T. Sözen
Medical Aesthetic procedures that completes Rhinoplasty Dr. B. Ugurlu
Controlling the skin&soft tissue envelope in open rhinoplasty Dr. T. Batmaz
18:00PANEL The Future Evolution of Rhinoplasty Techniques: Fashions, Fundamentals and Essentials (Moderator Dr. E. İlhan )
Dr. J. C. Neves / Dr. A. Kuzanov /Dr. M. Akbas /Dr. S. Göde /Dr. T. Sözen /Dr. C. Cabbarzade /Dr.H.Balıkçı
19:00Closure Dr. E. İlhan